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Modhesh was initially launched as a mascot for the Dubai Summer Surprises but the ever-smiling character has definitely grown beyond Modhesh World ever since it was created in 2000. Modhesh is today a brand that is associated with over a thousand different products including food, toys, and entertainment products.

Modhesh’s success, though, is not restricted to the UAE. The mascot is extremely popular in the GCC and this is evident when he undertakes numerous goodwill tours, visiting hospitals and schools in an endeavour to spread his smiles. In Dubai, around 10,000 children from 27 schools across Dubai welcomed Modhesh as part of the meet and greet initiative in the first half of 2010.

The Modhesh Goodwill Tour is an example of the value the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment places on investing in regional communities by taking Modhesh to his little fans across the GCC. Modhesh’s tour over the past couple of years has taken him to the NBK Hospital in Kuwait, Bahrain’s Hope Institute for Special Education, Child Care Home in Oman and Qatar’s Hamad Medical Corporation, and the Help Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. At each stop, Modhesh distributes hugs and treats such as stuffed Modhesh toys and educational CDs, living up to his role as the ‘Ambassador of Smiles’ by lighting up the faces of all the children with his amusing antics and exciting treats.

The Modhesh Friends Club, named after the mascot, is another example of how the brand permeates into children’s lives. Modhesh Friends Club is a summer guild where kids seek new horizons with Modhesh through an edutainment programme organized by the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment. A place for kids to have fun, learn, invent and strengthen their skills in a perfectly safe and secure environment, kids develop stronger values, make new friends, and make the most of their summer.

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