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How to Make Non Toxic Paint for Kids

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1. Gather or save several empty plastic ketchup bottles. After using the ketchup, fill with warm soapy water and clean thoroughly. Consider removing the label or you can leave the label on, especially if its screened onto the plastic.

2. Make one paint color at a time. Each color can be made individually so that you can fill each empty bottle for your supply.
Gather measuring cups, a large bowl and either a whisk or large spoon. You will also need to locate your plastic funnel.
Consider covering the work surface with newspaper or butcher block paper if you are planning to create the paint with kids. Also, have kids wear an old shirt or an old men’s long-sleeved work shirt that can double as a smock.

3. Combine 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of water in the large bowl. Whisk together well, combining completely.

4. Drizzle the food color of your choice into the bowl. Start with only a few drops, mix and then evaluate the color. Continue to add more drops of color until you’ve reached the desired shade.

5. Position funnel over the open mouth of the ketchup bottle. Hold the funnel with one hand and consider asking someone else to either hold the bottle or pour the paint into the bottle.

6. Pour paint into the funnel, slowly. Keep an eye on the amount of room you have inside the bottle so that the paint doesn’t overflow. Move onto a second bottle if you have more paint.

7. Wash tools (bowls, cups, etc.) and then repeat making the paint, but with another color. Consult your color wheel for mixing shades and making other colors.

8. Finished.


Although paint is non-toxic the food coloring may stain. Always cover surfaces when painting and clean immediately if paint is transferred to any surface.

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