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How to Keep Kids From Video Game Addiction

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Nowadays it’s very popular for your child to have a video game or desire one for a gift. But if you are afraid that your child will become stuck on it every moment of the day, take these necessary steps to limit their time without too much upset

Things You’ll Need
Alternate healthy activity ideas
Kitchen or egg timer
Approach your child sternly but lovingly about their video game. Present a schedule that will evenly distribute video game time with family time, reading time and other alternate activity ideas that are healthy for them.

Make sure your child doesn’t lose hold of this schedule, no matter how busy you get. Use a kitchen or egg timer to set the time and let them know that they must leave the video game once the timer goes off. I recommend one hour at the most.
Participate in activities with your child. Don’t tell them they have to even out their priorities and have them watch you play video games, computer games or watch TV all day. A family board game or reading them a good book or taking them to some activities at your nearby park district are some ideas.

Make sure your child knows that their video game is a privilege, not a priority, and if they misbehave they will lose the video game out of their schedule. This will prevent the child from wanting to act up during other times on the schedule.


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