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Homemade Snow Globe

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What You Need:
Clean jar with a water-tight lid (test it by filling it with water, turning it upside down, and holding it over your sink)
Festive, waterproof figurine or holiday ornament that fits inside the jar
Waterproof glue (such as superglue)
Coarse glitter
Glycerin optional
What You Do:
Trim the cork so one piece is just taller than the jar lid. Discard extra cork.
Remove the lid from the jar and set jar aside.
Put the lid upside down and help your child affix the cork piece to the center with a dab of waterproof glue.
Glue the figurine, bottom down, to the cork (if you’re using a little person as the figure, glue the feet to the cork). The cork is a platform that will allow the figurine to show above the rim of the lid, and the lid will eventually be the bottom of the snowglobe.
Let cork and figure dry completely.
Have your child add a few dashes of glitter to the jar, along with a few drops of glycerin if you’d like the glitter to fall slowly.
Help your child fill the jar almost to the top with water.
Screw lid back on jar, so the figure is pointing down. Reverse the jar so the figurine is right side up.
Tie a ribbon around the jar lid and knot decoratively.
Have your child shake gently and watch the glitter fly! Watch carefully for leaks and store on a waterproof saucer, just in case.

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