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Becoming a grandparent for the first time is incredibly exciting, warm and fuzzy for most grandparents. Seeing a child being born from their own children can bring so much joy and happiness, that it can be difficult to contain such wonderful news, even to strangers!

At first it can seem strange taking on a new title – grandma, grandpa, nanna, or many of the other titles we give to grandparents.

But from general consensus, grandparents alike love the fact that because they have done their hard yards bringing up their own children, they now get to share special, quality time with their gorgeous grandchildren, yet they are able to give them back to mum when there is a dirty nappy or if baby is crying!

Below are some personal stories written by grandparents, about the first time they became a grandparent – or second or third time!

[Malcolm, a.k.a. Grandpa, first grandchild 2002]
Becoming a father was an experience which is only describable to someone that is a father. The joy and elation that comes from within, knowing that you have created such a beautiful daughter or son. You think that life couldn’t get much better than that.

As the years go by you watch your daughter or son grow and mature into an adult and no matter what they do in life you always love them more than they could ever know. Until, they too, experience the feeling of creating a beautiful child.

When I first became a father it, never crossed my mind that I would one day become a grandpa and as it became apparent my look on life was changing. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be called “grandpa”, mmmm sounds old?

But as the day grew closer, I grew more excited and now it is better than I could of ever expected. I now do not think of “grandpa” as being an old person just a very proud, happy and lucky person.

The first time I got to know I was going to become a grandmother was by a sms from my daughter, well technology has changed things! I remember pacing for weeks before I told my mum I was pregnant and when I did it was at my workplace so she couldn’t make a scene – you see they thought I was made for better things than being a mother!

My first reaction to my daughter was unfortunately, are you sure? It was not that I was not happy, quite the opposite! I just didn’t know if I was ready for those words – grandmother. I was 20 when I had my daughter so I was sort of thinking I was too young to be a grey haired knitting type grandmother like mine was.

I was really happy for my daughter; especially as a teenager having medical problems that probably might have meant she could not have children, well maybe not easily.

Over the coming weeks we got so excited, my daughters belly gradually got bigger and bigger, I watched her, sitting back, observing, taking it in – something I only thought about might happen in past in the back of my mind on quiet days. We later found out it was going to be a little girl. This was something I was able to relate to and it seemed if time had stood still for me. Let alone my daughter being the spitting image of me – her slow progression through her pregnancy seemed to mirror me and how I looked and felt during my first pregnancy with her. So many thoughts and feelings overcame me – feelings that I had never had before and probably didn’t know how to deal with. I had come to a new phase in my life – and as much as I looked forward to that bundle coming – it was actually a bit scary. I have met many mothers my age, who couldn’t understand my ‘scary’ feelings – some mothers suffering because their sons and daughters had not given them their first grandchild. They were waiting in anticipation, hanging on every moment wondering when they would get the phone call that announced the expected arrival.

Careers and options in the way, in this modern age of opportunity – I once met a woman and her daughter at a function, in which the daughter (7 months pregnant) had paid to have her mothers house sold, moved interstate to her and set her up in a home near by to take care of the impending twins she was expecting. The daughter did not want to leave her job and she quoted me – wasn’t quite attached to the idea of being a mother. On the other hand the grandmother was ecstatic.

I expect that every grandmother will have a different and fascinating story.

Now my little grand daughter is here, now 10 months old, I marvel at her beauty and perfection. She is finally here. I am a grandmother!!! It is different – I would die for this new little bundle, this, new little person being from one of my own children. I love my little granddaughter so very much and am very proud of the mother and woman my daughter has become.

The difference is I have to hand this baby back and although it is good at nappy change time and night time, it’s a hard thing to do. I know part of me has to stand back and let my daughter experience this new phase of her life too.

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