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Dr. Seuss The Lorax Movie

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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (also known as The Lorax) is a computer-animated 3-D film based on Dr. Seuss’ children’s book of the same name. It is being produced by Illumination Entertainment and will be released by Universal Pictures on March 2, 2012, what would have been the 108th birthday of Seuss, who died at the age of 87 in 1991. The film will be the fourth feature film based on a book by Dr. Seuss, the second Dr. Seuss adaptation fully computer-animated after Horton Hears a Who!, and the first to be released in 3-D. The Lorax will be Illumination Entertainment’s first film presented in IMAX 3D. It will also be the third Dr. Seuss feature film released by Universal, after How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat, as well as introducing a new logo of Universal Pictures as part of its 100th Anniversary.

The film follows Ted (Zac Efron), an idealistic young boy who lives in “Thneed-Ville”, a city that, aside from the citizens, is completely artificial. He sets out to find the one thing that will win him the affection of Audrey (Taylor Swift), the girl of his dreams, who wishes to see a real tree. While attempting to find a seed, he discovers that their city has been closed off from the outside world, and meets the reclusive Once-ler (Ed Helms), who recounts the story of how he met the Lorax (Danny DeVito), a grumpy yet charming creature who serves as guardian of the land. When the young businessman introduces a revolutionary invention from the native Truffula Tree’s tufts, it tragically spirals into a mass overproduction leading to the depletion of the forest, and the creation and isolation of Ted’s town. With the Once-ler’s blessing, and the last Truffula Seed, Ted sets out to remind his town of the importance of nature. Unfortunately, he finds himself hounded by the wealthy mayor of Thneed-Ville, O’Hare (Rob Riggle), who has no intention of leaving any traces of the Lorax’s world.


Danny DeVito as the Lorax, a grumpy yet charming miniature orange creature with a moustache
Zac Efron as Ted, an idealistic 12-year-old boy and the main protagonist. He is named after Theodor Seuss Geisel.
Taylor Swift as Audrey,Ted’s love interest. She is named after Audrey Geisel, Dr. Seuss’ widow.
Ed Helms as the Once-ler (In the film, he is portrayed as a human, while the original book and television special left his species ambiguous and his face is never shown)
Rob Riggle as O’Hare, the mayor of Thneed-Ville, and the main antagonist of the film.
Betty White as Grammy Norma, Ted’s grandmother
Jenny Slate as Ted’s mother

Launching Date: March 2012

Trailers: To watch the Trailers follow this link

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