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Beirut Souks were transformed into a Christmas village on Saturday night to deliver a gift to Carmen, an 8-year-old girl with leukemia. Santa Claus emerged from a helicopter earlier this year upon the request of the Tamanna organization – a non-profit group that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses.
Carmen, who is receiving treatment at St. Georges Hospital in Ashrafieh, was visiting the souks with her parents a day after completing a round of chemotherapy when suddenly Christmas carols came on over loudspeakers in the souks.
Dancing Christmas characters emerged from their hiding places in shops to distribute red Santa hats. Shortly after the Christmas characters began their dance Saturday night, a helicopter descended to a low altitude and “a red silhouette” rappelled out of the helicopter down to the souks.
“The second Santa touched the ground, all the Christmas lights lit up and the souk was turned into a Christmas fiesta. More so than at Christmas time with confetti, music, dancing and Santa,” describes Alain Hochar from Horizon Draft FCB, an advertising agency that had approached Tamanna to see whether they could help grant a few wishes.

Hidden cameras filmed the shocked faces of shoppers, who followed Santa as he walked straight to where Carmen sat with her parents to deliver her gift.
A banner dropped from one wall with a picture of Carmen, head covered by a bandana, and the message
“Why wait for December? Merry Christmas Carmen.”
When people saw the banner with her Carmen’s face and the bandana they realized what it was about.
Carmen is due to begin two more rounds of chemotherapy this month and her parents expressed hope to Hochar and other contributors that this experience would help their daughter bear the treatment.

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