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Breastfeeding: Problems and Solutions

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Breastfeeding can be enjoyable for both you and your baby, but sometimes you may face some difficulties especially in the first few weeks. It will take you some time to get used to breastfeeding. So what are the main problems in breastfeeding? And what are the solutions ?

There are many problems that occur in breastfeeding, but the most important problems are ” Nipple Soreness”, ” Breast Engorgement” and ” Breast Infections” .

We will start with Nipple Soreness. It is common to have some pain or discomfort in the first few days or weeks when you start breastfeeding your child. Some mothers describe nipple soreness as a pinching, itching, or burning sensation. Nipple Soreness is caused by lots of things like poor feeding techniques, wrong position of the baby when breastfeeding, or not taking care of your nipples. Sometimes we can’t find a clear cause of nipple soreness. You will feel discomfortable if your baby keeps sucking as he or she comes off the breastfeeding. You can prevent this by gently inserting a finger into the side of the mouth to break the suction. Another thing that can cause nipple soreness is the sking that is too dry or too moist. For the dry skin we recommend to use Olive Oil, Expressed Milk, and ointments containing lanolin, and for the moist skin, you have to use soaps or solutions that remove natural skin oils.

Another problem with breastfeeding is ” Breast Engorgement”. This is due to the congestion of the blood vessels in the breast. The breast may become hard and painful. The nipples may not stick out enough to allow the baby to latch on correctly. This can be treated by learning to relax and finding a comfortable position, or reducing distraction during nursing. Performing a gentle massage, and applying heat to the breast can also be affective. You can also feed more often or express milk manually or with a pump. Electric breast pumps work best.

The final common problem is ” Breast Infection”. This will cause aching muscles, fever, and a red, hot, area on one breast. Breast infections often occur in mothers who are stressed and exhausted, in those who have craked nipples, plugged milk ducts, or breast engorgement, or if the mother have been skipping feeding, or wearing a tight bra. Treatments often include:

  • Antibiotics for the infection.
  • Moist, warm compresses over the infected area.
  • Rest
  • Wearing a comfortable bra between feedings.

Continuing to nurse from the affected breast will promote healing. Breast milk is safe for the baby, even when you have a breast infection.

In Conclusion, even the seemingly worst breastfeeding problems can usually be overcome with a little patience and care. You can always consult your doctor whenever you have a trouble in Breastfeeding, this way you can set up a joyful and rewarding breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

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