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Best Positions in Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is very important for you and your baby. In order to avoid problems that you can face in breastfeeding, you have to practice and learn how to hold and support your baby in a comfortable position. What are the positions that we recommend in breastfeeding?

There are four important positions, ” Cradle Hold”, “The Cross-Over Hold”, “The Clutch”, and ” The Reclining Position”.

  • The Cradle Hold: This technique requires you to hold your baby’s head gently and carefully with the crook of your arm. You have to sit on a bed with lots of pillows or in a chair that has supportive armrests. Plus, you have to avoid leaning down toward your baby by resting your feet on a raised surface like a stool, coffee table… The baby should lie horizontally, or at a slight angle. In order to do that you have to extend your forearm and hand down his back to support his neck, spine and bottom. Secure your baby’s knees against your body, across or just below your left breast. This position works best for mothers who have delivered their babies vaginally. But for those who have had a cesarean section may find it hard because this technique will put too much pressure on their abdomen.
  • The Cross-Over Hold: This technique differs from the cradle hold, you don’t support your baby’s head with the crook of you arm, instead you arms switch roles. You have to use your left hand and arm to hold your baby, if you’re nursing from your right breast. Rotate his body so his chest and tummy are directly facing you. You have to guide your baby’s mouth to your breast, with your thumb and fingers behind the head and below the ears. This position works well for small babies and for infants who have trouble latching on.
  • The Clutch or Football Hold: This position requires you to hold your baby under your arm like a football or handbag, on the same side that you’re nursing from. The baby’s feet should be pointing toward your back and he should be facing you with his nose level with your nipple. Support your baby’s shoulders, neck and head with your hand. Rest your arm on a pillow and guide the baby to your nipple, chin first. But you have to be careful, use your forearm to support the baby upper back, do not push him toward your breast so much that he resists and arches his head against your hand. This position is perfect for women who have large breasts or flat nipples, and for mothers of twins. And if your baby is small or has trouble latching on, the hold allows you to guide his head to your nipple. Plus, this position is affective for women who had a cesarean section to avoid having the baby rest on your stomach.
  • Reclining position: This position requires you to nurse your baby while lying on your side in bed. Place several pillows behind your back for support, put a pillow under your head and shoulders, and one between your bent knees. You have to do these steps to keep your back and hips in a straight line. With your baby facing you, draw his close and hold gently and carefully his head with the hand of your bottom arm. Or, cradle his head with your top arm, tucking your bottom arm under your head, out of the way. Place a small pillow under the baby’s head if he needs to be higher and closer to your breast. You shouldn’ t bend down toward the baby, and he shouldn’t strain to reach your nipple. You may need to lift your breast with your fingers underneath, so that the baby can reach it comfortably. Sitting up is uncomfortable for women who had cesarean section or difficult delivery. This is why this technique is perfect for these women because it requires lying down .

In Conclusion, when it comes to breastfeeding, being comfortable and being able to get your baby to your breast easily are two things that count. Finding a position you are happy with will make it easier for you to latch on your baby on to your breast. Whatever position you choose, make sure that you baby’s head is able to tip back slightly as he feeds.

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