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9 Ways To Make Waiting Fun

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  • Ask your child to make up a silly, outrageous story about why the waitress is taking so long to deliver the meal, or what caused the traffic jam.
  • Hold up an ordinary item such as a pencil or spoon. Have the child suggest unusual uses for the object.
  • Take turns singing as many songs as you know that have a color in the song. Example: Rudolf the RED nose reindeer, The YELLOW Rose of Texas, BLUE Suede shoes, etc.
  • Ask your child to close their eyes and describe what you are wearing.
  • Ask your child to list 10 things found in a dentist office, car repair shop, or bakery.
  • Thumb wrestle with your child.
  • Hum a song and have your child guess the title.
  • Give your child the name of a character in a book. They have to identify the book title.
  • Tell your child three unrelated items such as, a dirty sock, watermelon and a swing set. Ask them to tell you a story incorporating those items.

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