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Toddler Activities

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There are multitudes of activities for toddler that you can do with your child. Each child is new and active learner.

In the early formative years of their life, toddlers learn different aspects of the whole new world through his bumps, falls, discoveries, relationship and myriad other activities. While toddlers are picking any object they are developing an image of what the object looks like and try to discover other essentials of that particular object. These discoveries become part of their inquiring mind and stimulate his drive toward mastery and accomplishment.
The following are some of the most popular toddler activities that can help them to learn various things, have fun and stimulate their mind and body.

Discovering Textures
Assemble some different kinds of household materials like cotton, sand paper, rubber, feather, paper, cushion and other similar objects. Ask your child to pick up an object and rub it against his face and feel the texture of that object. Explain him the textures while he is rubbing the object against his face.

Learning to follow instructions
Take any household object and place it under a chair or on a table. Ask your child to close his eyes and then ask him to find the object. Make him learn the concept of under, over, on, beside, etc. Explain him that the object is under a chair and see if he can follow your instructions.

Toddler Rhymes
There are many rhymes and lullabies for toddlers. Sing these melodious rhymes with them and see how they enjoy and dance to the rhythm of these rhymes.


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